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How to Avoid Unnecessary Conflicts at Workplace

Everyone wants to avoid unnecessary conflicts at workplace. However, conflicts are inevitable, and so it’s more important to learn how to deal with them. Conflicts aren’t always a waste of time; sometimes, these conflicts help to recognize the prevailing issues among team members, which help in resolving the matters with ease. Conflicts are not good […]

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7 Team Management Tips for New Team Leaders

New team leaders find it difficult to manage a team effectively. This is mainly because many of them completely overlook the team management training that is provided to them. Team management without proper training, can be a stressful experience, and can severely jeopardize your career as a team leader. But let’s face it, if you […]

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A Review Of Tools Of The Titans By Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris, through his book “The 4-Hour week”, wove his way into the hearts of Americans. The successful entrepreneur and author, has shown all of us the importance of time maximization, productivity and critical problem-solving. Tim Ferris productivity guides have kept a lot of use from procrastination and time wastage. A few years after the […]

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Learn to Master Your Emotions

Do you always have mixed emotions? Are you often feeling mad or sad? Having emotions is quite normal. Learning how to master your emotions is very crucial to your success and happiness in life. I have personally struggled with this, which is why I’m still working on controlling my emotions. Feeling Good is a book […]

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