Mastering Emotions

Do youFeeling Good Book always have mixed emotions? Are you often feeling mad or sad?

Having emotions is quite normal.  Learning how to deal with certain emotions
is very crucial to your success and happiness in life.  I have personally struggle with this and still are currently working on controlling my emotions.  Feeling Good is a book that teaches you all about emotions in very informative detail.  I would suggest dealing with emotions this is an amazing book to refer too.

Being self aware allows you to start taking action for yourself.  When you realize that you are not bound to your thoughts everything will change.  Self awareness will allow you to notice that when you feel a certain emotion it is to only steer you in the right direction.  You are in control of all your emotions.  For example: Getting mad or frustrated allows you to slow down and be patient.  Many times your estimate of an emotion is ultimately what you think not actually the thing itself controlling the emotion.

Manipulation is also a big part of controlling your emotions.  This book will also different techniques about manipulation.  Yoga, isolation tank, exercise, and breathing techniques are all tools that can help you control emotions.  There are so many ways to take control of your life and emotions.  Ultimately you are in control.  Take control of your mind and the way you think and you will be a whole different person.

Notes To Take Home

Emotions can be broken down in 3 basic ways.  To find more information buy this book.

Expressive: How you react to your current emotion with actions

Subjective-How you perceive and experience the emotion

Physiological- How your body reacts to the emotion



Personal Development

Zalias Blog Personal Growth Books

Have you thought about improving your life?  Are you not where you want to be?  I’m still working on this part of my life but I believe that personal development is a very important and is a good place to start.  Start by deciding today that you will take the time to develop the best version of yourself.  There are many ways to do this.  Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually are important factors when being the best version of yourself.

How did I start?  I believe a good place to start is to figure out your what your ideal life would be.  What would your ideal life be like?  I really feel like nothing more important the answering these questions.  Take the time and write all your answers down.  Once you really find out what you want then your next step is to reverse engineer.  You are probably wondering what is reverse engineering? To reverse engineer makes to start taking action to get to your ultimate goal.

Next step is just to START.  Every day you should be taking one step in front of the other to advancing to your limitless goal.  If your goal matches what you want to do with your life then just make the decision and start.  I personally started a auto window tint shop and now have a little more freedom to do what I want.  Brookfieldtint has brought in more revenue so I can start new adventures.  Some times you might think that I cant do this.  I’m telling you from experience just start.  I used to get get caught up worrying that I will fail.  Failure is a part of life.  To be honest there is no failure, no perfect circumstance, and know one will give you anything.  Just make the choice today.  If you maximize each day you will eventually get there.  Consistency is key.  If you have any questions contact me.

Circle of Influence

Have you thought about the people that you hang around?  The people that you surround yourself with is EVERYTHING.  Think about the best fighters in the UFC (if you watch) they train with the best and they have the best coaches.  If you want to elevate your game in life you have to start hanging around people who are playing the game of life at a higher level.  If you are not where you want to be in life you need to stop and reflect who are your friends.  Grant Cardone said “If you have the same friends as you did in high school your doing something wrong.”  This means if you want to make a million dollars hang out with billionaires and you will get there faster.  Change who you hang out with and it will change the game of life for you.  Check out my about page to find more information.  Check out my mentor Peter Voogd below.