10x Productivity Planner

I will show you what a 10x planner should look like.  I will give you the steps to increase your 6 month income.

  • 1.) Clarity- What is important to you?  What are your core values?  You want your life to based on your values not someone else is.  Some examples might be family, health, flexibility, and influence.  Ultimately you need to be clear on your end result.
  • What are you top 5 Goals for the Year?
  • What are your top 3 Goals for for the next 90 days?
  • Top 3 Focus for Month 1
  • Top 3 Focus for Month 2
  • Top 3 Focus for Month 3
  • What are you most compelling reason to ultimate hit those 5 goals this year?
  • 2.) Increasing Your Confidence-  Having confidence is very important in life.  If you do not have confidence you will be trapped in a “comfortable” bubble that you will never escape.
  • What choices to you need to make to increase your confidence?
  • What challenged do you need to sharpen your perspective?
  • What are 3 lessons life has taught you so far?
  • What are 3 things you need the most work on?
  • 3.) Shifting your circle of influence
  • Find 3 role models who you can look up too.
  • You need to decide who are your make it or break it friends.
  • How are those people influencing you?
  • Who do you spend most of your time with?
  • 4.) Consistence Motivation
  • Write down 5 good emotions that you can use for motivation
  • Write down 5 bad emotions that drain you from motivation
  • Find what drains your energy so you can stay present and in the moment
  • Most important Find a morning Routine
  • 5.) Create Result Rituals
  • Find Rituals that give you results.
  • Strive to put Rituatls in place that give you momentum.
  • 6.) Always be a learner and opened minded.  Never Settle


If you follow this blue print it should help you to move forward. First you should start with a clear vision!  You  need to be clear on your end result. You should always be focused on outcome.   If everything works what would be your ideal vision?  You have to make sure you have a clear vision at the top of your paper.

Next thing you should have is values.  These are the things you have to work out for yourself.  Some people like money over time and some people like Donald Trump care about more about money then personal time.  Put your values in order.  Then you can go ahead and base everything off your values that you care about the most.

Next what are you top 5 compelling goals.  What are you true top reason to hit this goal.  What are your key behaviors and habitats that you need to see your self up to achieve these goals.   Some behaviors might be gratitude, spark your mind, and maybe wake up early and exercising.

Lastly you need to define the actually money you desire by a specific date.  What are you going to give up to get that money.  This is why you becoming an entrepreneur you have to have a plan of action to complete what you want or else you will fall into a trap of society.

Once I found this sheet from Peter Voogd it really help me take action.  I figured out that there are more option in life.  I no longer want to be a roofer but I want more freedom for my family and friends.  I also want to travel the world.  You just have to make a decision on what your values are and then reverse engineer everything from there.  I hope this by asking your self these questions will help someone because it helped me.  If you have any question contact me or find Peter Voogd on social media.