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About Me

I’m Anthony Zalias a.k.a. Tony or ‘Tony the Tiger’. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but presently I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I’m a self-employed freelance writer. I discuss all things management with a focus on productivity.

Before I set out on creating my own business, I was a manager in the electronics department at Best Buy. During those five years I developed my team into one of the top selling teams in the entire company. Over the last two years though, I really became excited about the prospect of working for myself, but I didn’t have the necessary discipline skills. For me, this sounded like an opportunity.

I’ve always been obsessed with personal improvement and growth. Approaching self-employment was no different. I began reading and studying everything I could get my hands on. I began finding new ways to manage my time that gave me the energy after long work days to push my personal business forward. After two long years of work and self-introspection, I’ve officially moved on from my management position with Best Buy.

I will be sharing my dual experience as a middle manager and self-employer in this blog. Giving insights into the differences and similarities that make a business successful. I believe that a thriving company is built through the work ethic and leadership of those at the top. As I try to become the best version of myself, I hope to really inspire others in reaching their best potential.