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7 Team Management Tips for New Team Leaders

New team leaders find it difficult to manage a team effectively. This is mainly because many of them completely overlook the team management training that is provided to them. Team management without proper training, can be a stressful experience, and can severely jeopardize your career as a team leader.

But let’s face it, if you have never handled a team before, your training alone will not help you. Your job, as a team leader, isn’t just about delegating tasks and expecting those tasks to be completed on time. Your job is to ensure that everyone in your team works together and have a good time while doing it. Highly experienced team leaders know that the easiest way to get their team to do something is by making them want to do it.

How to manage a team effectively

1. Be approachable

Everyone likes a team leader who is approachable. Such team leaders are easy to talk to, which is why their team members feel comfortable around them. Be friendly, nice and open with your team members. Listen attentively, and help them in any way that you can.

2. Set an example

Set an example for your team by becoming their role model. Lead them with your actions when they look for guidance and strength from you. Show dedication and commitment towards your goals before expecting the same from your team. Things like honesty, punctuality, confidence, passion, accountability, empathy; all play an important role in setting an example.

3. Give clear directions

Communicate clearly during meetings and give clear directions to your team. Effective team leaders explain every task in detail and answer every question that anyone has. So, be clear and give your team a path that they can easily follow.

4. Set reasonable deadlines

Let your team know the importance of meeting the deadlines. But at the same time, do not set deadlines which your team is incapable to meet. Show flexibility towards events that appear without warning, because life is complex and we don’t have control over everything.

5. Add enjoyment at workplace

Nobody likes to do something that they are not enjoying. There’s a lot of stress at workplace, so don’t make the matters even worse for your team by putting unnecessary pressure upon them. Remember to add some fun activities in between their work schedule to keep everyone energized and upbeat.

6. Don’t get obsessed with productivity

Productivity is important in business but that is not everything. A good team can overcome loses quickly and make more profit in the long run. So, don’t get too intimidated by unproductive days and make decisions which you may regret in the future.

7. Recognize and reward hard work

Remember to recognize and reward the hard work of your team members. Do this publicly to give your team a great sense of achievement. Acknowledgement of hard work motivates employees and increases their willingness to work even harder.


Great leaders are made through continuous learning. Team management training is a step in the right direction; however, modern day leaders put their own intelligence and resourcefulness into practice while getting the best out of their teams.